Immune is a sustainable production


  • No printing of scripts or call sheets. Digital copies loaded on portable, hand-held devices in advance.

  • Other paperwork reduced on necessity basis where digital copies are unavailable or unacceptable. 


  • No single use plastic bottles on set.

  • Reusable hot cups and/or water bottles utilised where possible.

  • Disposable biodegradable/compostable plates, cutlery and glasses used where real ones unavailable.

  • One meat-free shoot day with plant-based options provided daily, including craft service.


  • Split bins on set for recyclable, compostable and other waste
    (subsequently disposed of accordingly and responsibly).



  • 85% from stock/hired.

  • 0% disposed of after shoot.


  • Local talent employed as a priority. 

  • Carpooling provided as much as possible.